Signs That You Might See On The Floor

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As we walk around a local store or any building for that matter there may be signs scattered around the ground. These signs are there to help guide people to specific areas of the building, give specific instructions and ensure that we are safe. When it comes to floor graphics in Coeur d`Alene, it is important that we know what we are seeing and follow their directions.

Why do we use floor labels or signs?

floor graphics in Coeur d`Alene

Floor signs or floor labels are often times used when there is a specific need for them. For instance, hospitals and businesses may use them to help direct people around the building or to ensure safety. These signs can be made out of numerous materials such as aluminum floor sign plastic floor signs and even vinyl.

Social distancing signs

One of the most common signs that you are seeing now are the six feet social distancing sighs. These are found in hospitals and other medical facilities. These signs help to prevent people from coming too close either because of a contagious disease or for the safety of the person who is ill.

Safety Glasses Required or Hard Hat Required

These signs are there to protect our physical safety. When entering a construction zone or when working in an area that will require safety equipment, it is required to have these signs posted. If they are not posted and someone is hurt, then the location is liable.

Walk here signs

when you see walk here signs or arrows pointing in a specific direction then you know that this is the way you need to travel. This is good for places that need to have a steady flow of traffic and a lot of people. when you follow these signs you know you will end up in a specific location. Look for overhead signs as well to ensure you are in the right lanes.