How To Negotiate With Your Handyman

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You want to get the best price and they want to get the most money. So, the question becomes, who wins this battle? In truth you both can. When you turn around and start thinking of the end goal, taking handyman packages in carmel, in into consideration is a good option.

Know what you want done and bundle

handyman packages in carmel, in

The most important thing you can do is know what it is that you want done. Knowing this will help the handyman come up with a cost-effective proposal for you. If you don’t know exactly what they will be doing, then how can they give you an estimate? Each item over time will add up to make one cost. Where you can get prices lowered is if you combine similar tasks that will use the same tools and can be done within the same time block that you can get better pricing.

Make it worth the time and effort

You don’t want to do projects that are not worth their time and effort. If you are going to hire a handyman to install a lightbulb, then you are just wasting their time. However if you want them to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom, one in the kitchen as well as fix a few outlets and switches, then this is worth their time and effort.

Don’t add on jobs after tasks are agreed upon

The last thing you want to do is have them start working and then decide midway through that you wanted something else done. This will make the job take longer, or cost more as they get paid for time spent on each item they agreed upon. Some people want one price, but change their minds when the work starts and add on more items to be done.

If it’s not in the job description or if you didn’t discuss an item before starting, then don’t expect them to do it without additional costs for their time and effort.